Joomla Web Design

A powerful Content Management System (CMS)

Joomla is a robust Content Management System (CMS) that enables one to build websites and other online applications. It is open source software that originated from the Mambo in 2005. Joomla allows one to develop, publish and manage website content easily. It is very flexible and allows for easy customization and robust web development.


Easy Content Management

Joomla is designed to be user-friendly. Once Joomla is installed and configured, it is simple and not technically demanding, allowing users to add or edit content, update images.


Runs on any platform

Joomla can run on any platform including Windows, Linux, and the Apple OS/X platform.


Custom Joomla Templates

Webworx develops premium joomla website templates from mockup designs approved by you the client. These joomla templates will give your website the exterior look and feel the fits your corporate image.


Mobile Device Ready / Friendly

Joomla websites are mobile friendly and will look good on just about any mobile device or tablet.


Joomla is Search Engine Friendly

Having your website found by search engines like Google is vitally important for a successful business. Joomla has built-in SEO functionality and makes it easy to manage onsite SEO processes.


Module and Component System

Joomla has flexible module architecture. There are components and modules to meet any requirements, or that can be customized to do so.


Easy User Management

Joomla has built in user registration and login functions allowing for easy user management. This means that you can have certain pages that are just for your members or registered users.


Joomla is database driven

Every element in Joomla is stored in a central database and driven from there.

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