Choosing WordPress solves 80% of the mechanics of SEO!

Choosing WordPress solves 80% of the mechanics of SEO!

If you have chosen WordPress as the platform for your website, the good news is that WordPress solves 80% of the mechanics of Search Engines Optimization (SEO) out of the box. WordPress is very search engine friendly and allows one to easily manage all the critical aspects of onsite SEO. So lets get into some of the advantages of WordPress and managing your website SEO.

Title Tags

WordPress makes it easy to manage Page Title Tags with the helps of a plugin like Yoast WordPress SEO. Yoast allow one to enter a unique title for each page title and even offers one a preview of what it will look like in Google search results.

Meta Descriptions

Yoast also allows one to manage the meta descriptions of each page and even offers one guidance as to the ideal length and if the correct keywords have been included in the description.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

WordPress allows one to implement Search Engine Friendly URLs and edit the URLs on the page while adding ones content. This means that one can easily get those important keywords into the page URL which is a very important factor.

Alt Image Tags

Because search engine robots cant see images, it is very important to add alt image tags to images so that search engines can make sense of and index images properly. WordPress allows one to easily manage alt image tags in the media library.

Internal Links

WordPress makes it easy to add internal links between the different pages of one’s website. The hyperlink function in the editor’s panel allows users to search and link to other pages within the website very easily which boosts the internal link structure and helps the link juice to follow deeper into the sub pages.


Portfolio of Work

Portfolio of Work

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SEO Cheat Sheet for Web Developers

SEO Cheat Sheet for Web Developers

SEO cheat sheet by SEOmoz. These guys know their stuff. Great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) cheat sheet for developers that details the most important aspects of onsite SEO. All of the things they mention on this cheat sheet are on point and will make a big difference in terms of helping your site perform well in the search engine results.


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How to rank better in Google search results?

How to rank better in Google search results?

rank-better-in-googleThere are a couple of guiding principals that will help you rank better in the Google search results. These principals were outlined by Matt Cutts, google’s head of anti-spam, who is an avid WordPress supporter and blogger.

The following principals, if followed correctly will help to improve your ranking in the search results over time:


Responsive Website Design Replaces the need for Seperate Mobi Websites

Responsive Website Design Replaces the need for Seperate Mobi Websites

The Rise of what is termed Responsive web design – the ability of a webpage to re-size to the resolution of the given device the user is browsing on, has done away with the need to build a separate mobi websites for mobile and tablet users. This means that the development costs are reduced because a second mobi website is not needed.  With the number of mobile and smartphone users growing exponentially, especially in the South African and African market place, having a mobile friendly,  responsive website is an absolute must.

Responsive Website Design Means

Responsive Web design (RWD) is a Web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).

Source: Wikepedia

responsive-website-designGrowing Number of Mobile Users

With an estimated 70% of all users browsing either on smartphones or tablets, Responsive mobile friendly websites are becoming increasingly important.  Responsive, mobile friendly web design means that users don’t to zoom in and out constantly. It typically turns several columns into single column at mobile resolution doing away with the need to scroll and zoom to navigate the page effectively. This greatly improves the mobile and tablet user experience and with about 70% of all users browsing either on smartphones and tablet this is becoming increasingly important.



Content Management Systems (CMS) – Joomla and WordPress, Two of the Best

Content Management Systems (CMS) – Joomla and WordPress, Two of the Best

Content Management Systems or CMSs were designed to simplify the publication and management of website content and other online applications. When it comes to choosing a CMS it can be quite a task and your web developer will need to guide you, based on their development and use of the platform.

Some CMSs have a slight edge over the rest of the competition because of the usability and user-friendliness of the software. Two of the best in our opinion and experience are WordPress, which is now a full-fledged CMS, and Joomla, a well-established and robust CMS framework.

WordPress Content Management System

What is there left to say about WordPress and its great features? This blogging platform is by far the most popular CMS for blogging, and most popular CMS platform out there.

WordPress is a great platform for beginners, thanks to its excellent support and the user-friendly dashboard design. It is geared towards being non-technical in nature and allows the user to do a lot without any technical knowledge. Not to mention the fact that one can auto-update the core of WordPress and the plugins from the backend. WordPress also comes with built-in image and  multimedia library, and has a nice built in gallery feature using the gallery shortcode.

From a development perspective, the theme language is fairly simple and the WordPress Community is a faithful and innovative lot. WordPress has the widest base of plugins to choose from and the help and documentation online is amongst the best for any CMS.

Joomla! Content Management System

Joomla is a very advanced CMS in terms of its functionality. The installation however is made easier by the Joomla installer. Joomla is a complete Content Management System or CMS and has an attractive administration interface with lots of control and functionality. It does however require a little more technical knowledge to navigate and access the many robust features in the administration backend.  Joomla CMS also has great support for access control protocols like LDAP, OpenID and even

The Joomla site has more than 3,100 extensions, which is testament to the development community and support. Like WordPress, one can add just about any functionality to a given site using plugins and extensions, however most of the better extensions are commercial so be prepared to pay.

Joomla enjoys a large support base and there are many Joomla web developers like Webworx out there. We develop design and develop custom Joomla templates, allowing for unique look and feel and website functionality.

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Mobile Website Development and Responsive Design Take Center Stage!

Mobile Website Development and Responsive Design Take Center Stage!

mobile-website-developmentAs the number of mobile device and tablet users grows exponentially, the importance of making a website or application mobile device friendly has become imperative. This means that web developers like ourselves have had to explore the terrain of responsive design in order to cater for mobile and other devices. Responsive design is the ability of a given website or page to re-size to the given screen resolution of the given mobile device so that it offers a better and more user-friendly experience and interaction.

Mobile responsive web development is receiving a lot of attention and is challenging web developers to keep up with the trends and needs of the mobile market as it can no longer be ignored. Webworx develops responsive, mobile friendly websites and templates, insuring that your website looks great on all mobile devices and offers the best possible user experience.

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Web Design: Keeping up with the hottest web trends

Web Design: Keeping up with the hottest web trends

The following are some of the hottest topics and trends in the web development world, a lot of which are becoming must haves when developing a website or online presence.

Responsive Layouts – Mobile device friendly

Although responsive web design has been around for a while, it is only now that it is becoming increasingly important, due to the exponential increase in mobile users.  The main idea with responsive design is to support all devices from laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and anything released in the future. Uniform web design is the ultimate goal – a single set of codes which run perfectly on all environments. Responsive websites are often thought to cater towards mobile browsers, however that isn’t the sole purpose.

Fixed Header Bars

The use of fixed headers and other elements is a great way to make sure that the all important header stays fixed and pinned to the top of the page when one scrolls down. As visitors scroll down your page this will offer constant support for navigation and links back to the homepage.

Large Photo Backgrounds

Photographers or even fans of photography will definitely enjoy this design trend. I have seen countless showcases discussing the ideas of big oversized photography in the background. It’s an excellent way to capture your visitor’s attention and it can look great when done properly.

CSS Transparency

The new CSS3 properties allows us to now add opacity to just about any element – no Photoshop required! This trend of web design transparency is a definite growing trend in the web development world.

Home Page Image Slideshows

The use of slideshow of large images and typography in the slideshow is becoming very popular as it allows one the opportunity to make a larger than life impression on the potential customer. With the average web surfer attention span that of a toddler this is becoming more and more important.

Social Media Badges

Marketing is one of the ultimate determining factors in a website’s success or failure and social media and the ability to easily share a website, and the possible that the content may go viral.

Fullscreen Typography

Earlier I mentioned using big  photographs in the background and slideshows of website layouts. This trend can be extended to focus on typography as well.

Mobile Navigation Toggle

Speaking of responsive design, one of the most important things is how to build a solid navigation that works well on all devices. This remains a constant challenge to build the perfect navigation.


Ecommerce websites popular as South Africans become more comfortable purchasing online

Ecommerce websites popular as South Africans become more comfortable purchasing online

There is a growing trend of online eCommerce website development and the selling of goods and services online in the South African market. Finally South Africans are becoming more and more comfortable with online purchases and using payment gateways, as the market begins to mature a little. There are many companies international and local that have been waiting for this bubble to burst so that they can grow their market share with online sales.

There are various payment gateways available and the choice of which gateways you select will depend on which payment methods your customers are most comfortable using and interacting with. Another important factor with regards to this payment gateway choices is the cost per transaction or per month that the given payment gateway charges. Paypal, one of the better established gateways starts at about 1.5 % per transaction.

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